5 Best Tips To Safe From Coronavirus – How to Safe From Coronavirus

(Safe From Coronavirus) As you all know about the outbreak of the pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19) all over the world nowadays is a lethal virus that can cause death but you can prevent yourself from this pandemic virus by taking precautionary measures. You can get this infection through an infected person when it coughs or sneezes. It also spreads by touching the surfaces that have the virus on them.

Most of the people suffering from this virus are not affected that much and recovered though some people are killed due to the virus. COVID -19 proved to be a normal infection from 8 of the 10% people, the basic symptoms are fever and dry cough. But no need to panic as this virus has found no cure yet but the thing you have to do to prevent yourself from this virus is just to follow all the safety measures prescribed by the doctors. So here are 5 Best Tips To Safe From Coronavirus – How to Safe From Coronavirus that will help you to keep yourself and others safe..

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1. Wash Your Hands Frequently:

Wash Your Hands Frequently

To avoid this widespread disease the first precaution is to wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds at least, this will prevent from the virus entering your mouth through your hands if they carrying the virus. Once the virus enters your body it starts affecting your throat and lungs, brings down your immunity. Washing your hands frequently with soap or any gel (hand wash) that can eliminate the virus from your hands will help in preventing the disease. Make sure to use tissue paper or handkerchief while sneezing or coughing and wash your hands immediately after that and also use hand sanitizer. Do not touch your mouth, nose, and eyes without washing hands.

2. Clean Frequently-Touched Objects With A Cleaning Spray or Wipe.

Clean Frequently Touched Objects With A Cleaning Spray or Wipe

The second safety measure that you have to follow is to clean the surfaces immediately and frequently after touching. As it is a contagious infection spread by touching the infected person or the surface touched by the infected person so all you need to do is just to clean the surfaces with any cleaning spray or wipe. Clean or wash the high-contact surfaces frequently after touching like phone, remote, doorknobs, taps, light switches, tables or anything you are touching. Either you can use disinfectants to clean the surface and removing the germs. The lifetime of coronavirus is different on various surfaces as its life span is up to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel so you need to be careful about this while cleaning the surface and selecting the disinfectant.

3. Keep Distance:

Keep Distance

The third safety precaution is to keep distance by staying home. Avoid social and public gatherings, at least maintain a distance of 1 meter from everyone. You can get this contagious disease by keeping yourself around so many people, maybe any of them has this infection and you or anybody else got the infection so be careful. Lockdown yourself at home and try to pass your quarantine days with different positive activities also in praying and helping others but not forget to maintain social distancing this will keep you and the people around you safe and sound. “STAY HOME, STAY SAFE AND SAVE LIVES”.

4. Use Mask:

Use Mask

The fourth safety precaution is to wearing a mask to cover your mouth to save yourself from getting this pandemic infection. Wearing a mask can prevent you and others to come by this infection, it will protect you from getting the droplets containing the viral particles. It will help you to prevent the virus if you are coming in contact with an infected person as it blocks the route of transmission of the Coronavirus or if you are Corona positive it will help the others to get the pandemic infection. Wearing a mask would be effective when it is used with combination washed or cleaned hands. Do not reuse the mask and make sure to wash your hands before wearing the mask and after removing the mask.

5. Avoid Crowds – Especially In Closed Spaces.

Avoid Crowds – Especially In Closed Spaces

The fifth safety tip that you have to follow is to avoid crowded places. When there are so many people around, the chances of getting the infection increases. Large crowds at closed or small places have more chances as this disease transmitted through the droplets of coughing and sneezing. In crowded places any of one might have the infection so by contacting or shaking hands with the person you can get the virus too and it will further spread from one to two, two to three and so on. So avoid crowded place and stay yourself safe and sound at home.