Most Popular Food In The World By Country

Are you also a food lover? If so, then we totally understand how much you’d crave new and exciting food dishes every now and then. We’re saying that we understand because almost every other person nowadays loves trying out new and tasty food recipes. But with so many options out there, it’s always a struggle to figure out which one to actually explore and try out in real. Now don’t worry if you don’t know which recipe to actually stop at and try out, and that’s the biggest struggle you go through every now and then. Know why? Because we’re here to help you discover the Most Popular Food in the World by Country.

This way, once you will go through the Most Popular Food in the World by Country; you can expand your food cravings and feed it with more exciting and tasty dishes. Besides, when you’ve got the love of food then why keep it limited to just a single country or type? Instead, go ahead and make the most out of your love for food and taste; with the Most Popular Food in the World by Country that we’ve mentioned below. Now, what are we even waiting for? Let’s go and discover some tasty dishes now!

1. Pizza (New York City, USA)


We’re all crazy about the cheese topped snack, and have craved its amazing filling and crusty bread from time to time. But with that craving and exciting taste, also comes the understanding that there are so many different varieties of Pizza’s available around the world. Now if we come close to the tastiest and popular pizza around the world, without a doubt it’s New York City’s Pizza.

2. Burger (London, UK)


This kebab packed snack/food item has always been our favorite go-to meal to fill in the untimed hunger and taste cravings. And we’ve all had one too many types of burgers, just to explore how more tasty and amazing this snack can further be, right? Well, to your surprise; London’s Burgers are one of the most popular ones around the world. And so, if you want to taste the yummiest burgers; London is the place to go (or you could just find the recipe and make them at your place too)!

3. Banh Mi (Melbourne, Australia)

Banh Mi

This sandwich-like meal is all full of great filling and tasty sauces, making it a perfect meal item for all the tasty food cravers. Although, if you haven’t yet tasted this most popular food of Melbourne, Australia; then it’s really time you do. Also, is it just me or the tasty image making you crave for this popular dish too? Sigh!

4. Burrito (Los Angeles, USA)


Now we’ve all had the audacity to explore the amazing combinational and saucy dish i.e. Burrito’s, right? It’s actually obvious for anyone to fall in love with the mouth-watering look that this tasty meal offers. But guess what? There’s a lot more to Burrito’s (especially the ones from Los Angeles) than just the yummy look. And so, it’s definitely a worth trying dish for all the foodies out there.

5. Fries ( Worldwide)


Now, what do we even have to say about everyone’s all-time-favorite snack item i.e. French fries? It’s something we’ve all grown up eating, and it still doesn’t make us get tired of its charismatic taste. This isn’t because of their soft and slushy making and taste is something we crave, but rather the variety available all around the world. Now you might not have had tasted much of its variety, for sure; but no matter how many you try, they’re all going to amaze you in a different way.

6. Curry (Tokyo, Japan)


Ever tasted a curry that is juicy, full of taste and healthy too? Well, if you haven’t then you’ve surely missed out on tasting one of the tastiest food items from around the world. Now we aren’t really talking about any normal curry here, but rather the famous curry available in Tokyo. And for a foodie who is most likely to try out the most popular dishes around the world, this one’s a must for sure.

7. Macaroni (Bangkok, Thailand)


This tasty meal item has always been a topmost favorite of everyone who adores fast food than regular meals. And the best part about this tasty dish i.e. Macaroni is that you can cook it easily at home. They’re simple and extremely tasty. But hey, if you want to taste the most popular macaroni from around the world, Bangkok is the right place to try that out.

8. Bulgogi (Los Angeles, USA)


This fire meat dish is definitely a must-try for everyone who is a fan of spicy dishes and cuisines. With the soft, slushy marinated beef slices that are used to complete the dish; ensure that it gives eaters a taste of something completely different as well as mouth-watering. And as a matter of fact, the Bulgogi made in LA is the tastiest one you can try out!

9. Poutine (Montreal, CANADA)


If you’re a fan of French fries and enjoy all types, shapes, and presentations of it; then Poutine is definitely a dish worth trying for you. Since it contains French fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds; it’s definitely a treat to your mouth and food craving heart. So make sure you do go for it!

10. Sushi (New York City, USA)


This Japanese dish has been presented in different varieties all around the world. It’s tasty filling, anticipating taste and mouth-watering look; all combine to make it a perfect food to try out. But wait, with a different variety of sushi to try out in every country; don’t forget to try the most popular one in New York!